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Hi there!

I started face painting when I was 13. My (step)dad worked at a hall where he involved me in everything having to do with catering, serving and decorating. The chef there also taught me a lot of things about the kitchen and his recipes. Thereafter, the magician wanted me to work with him. He just needed an assistant to help him with magic tricks, balloons and face painting. I started with basic cheek art and the kids loved it! I thought to myself that I was so lucky to have my parents working there and the chance that I had received was just amazing!
I would practice all the time and I think practice was key to my growth in this art. 

I then decided to open my own business when I was 16 and ever since, I haven't stopped painting. I actually did not start painting at birthdays with the idea that it was a business. My stepdad just offered my services to close friends and they paid me... and then I started to offer my services and it just kind of.. snowballed into SolShine. Sol comes from my youngest sister's name. She was born the year I named my business. She brought a lot of luck and happiness to my family. Her name translates to "sun" in spanish. So my business name is a spanglish word for sunshine. 

At 20, I started working for Pinots Palette as a painting instructor. I worked part time for 3 painting studios. One of them made me full time manager. At 21 I opened my own painting studio, but had to close due to Hurricane Harvey affecting my location a lot. 

I have had the pleasure to teach children how to paint as well as adults. 
Out of the couple of things I have done with art, I get the most joy when face painting. There is something about painting a child's face as a tiger and him growling in the mirror in excitement that makes my heart happy. It fills me with joy. 

​My current team of artists are all my family. My husband and sisters.

 It used to be a bigger team pre pan- (2019)
As of 2022, the team has actually shrunk. It is mostly myself and husband now.

Thank you so much for booking with us! 

Became a citizen in 2021!
Opened my studio
Got married
First time teaching
My 2 babies <3