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Karla (Owner)
Hi there!

I started face painting when I was 13. My dad worked at a hall where he involved me in everything having to do with catering, serving and decorating. The chef there also taught me a lot of things about the kitchen and his recipes. Thereafter, the magician wanted me to work with him. He just needed an assistant to help him with magic tricks, balloons and face painting. I started with basic cheek art and the kids loved it! I thought to myself that I was so lucky to have my parents working there and the chance that I had received was just amazing!
I would practice all the time and I think practice was key to my growth in this art. 

I then decided to open my own business when I was 16 and ever since I haven't stopped painting. This had been my one and only job until I turned 20. When I turned 20 I started working for Pinot's Palette Kingwood as a painting instructor. I also briefly worked at the Sugarland location. I worked at Pinot's for one year and another company hired me to be their manager. I am now the manager for  A Painting Fiesta located in Katy.

I have put so much effort into my art and I have all the proof to show that on this website. I have grown so much as an artist and I hope that as you are reading this, you can see how dedicated I am to this beautiful ART! I will truly bring the ART to your pARTy! 

I was born to be an artist and to this day I am living my dream... To make a living as an artist. 


I came into the US to study and to visit my family. When I came, the language was new to me and it was a bit difficult for me to adjust to a new land. Luckily for me I had a sister to teach me new things and one of them was the art of balloon making. 
My sister would take me to her events and I would see how she would face paint and make balloons for the kids. I tried face painting, but unfortunately it did not work for me. My sister kept reassuring me that if I tried hard enough, I would learn, but I decided face painting was not for me. I then started to make some balloons for my little sisters. I found that balloon making was actually something I could do. I started practicing with all her balloons and even learned designs that she did not know! When she had me as her assistant for events, I would help her and make balloons for the kids. It was great practice for me. I started going to birthday parties, in which they hired both of us, in September 2015. I really enjoy making balloons, even when they pop!  I never saw myself doing balloon animals, but now I cannot see myself not doing them!

-Dream Job: Model
-"I want to be a police officer​"
-Balloon Twister